Color your World

Today is the day I complete the Color your World Challenge (link below). I had an abundance of fun doing this challenge! Thank you all who have followed me along this journey, and thank you to those who might have been annoyed by it.

Color your World – 120 Days of Crayola 2018 (year 3)



Apr. 22nd. Color- Apricot


Murals in Fort Collins, Colorado



Apr. 23rd, Color- Peach


Happy hour is the happiest of hours.



Apr. 24th. Color- Tan


Fort Worth, Texas



Apr. 25th. Color- Atomic Tangerine


Posting a sunrise instead of a sunset. Keeping you all on your toes, ha ha.



Apr. 26th. Color- Razzmatazz


Reel Big Fish concert on the 311 Cruise.



Apr. 27th. Color- Tumbleweed


Train art is my favorite art.



Apr. 28th. Color- Salmon


This pretty piece of art work.



Apr. 29th Color- Neon Carrot


This robot is made of out recycled airplane parts and can shoot fire out of its mouth. It’s way cooler than I will ever be.



Apr. 30th. Color – Mac and Cheese


My Uncle decorates a tree for Thanksgiving, he calls it his Thankmus tree.





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