Blogger Awards

I have been nominated for two different blogger awards by two amazing bloggers (Yes, it is taken me this long to do something about it. Sorry guys!). I have been trying for weeks to find the time to participate in these nominations. Unfortunately life has had other plans for me, as she so often does. I know some bloggers see these awards as silly and unnecessary. I get that, you’re entitled to your own opinion, and if you think about it these “awards” have no meaning in the real world. I personally enjoy them. I started this blog because I have always felt like I have stories to tell, I write for me. Being nominated for a blogger award means someone else enjoys my writing. Someone has taken time out of their day and read my piece, they see the picture I’m trying to paint through my words, and wanted to share it with other people.

One thing I honestly love about using WordPress is how easy it is to communicate and support other bloggers. First Friday, Community Pool, and the various blogger awards floating around makes it easy and fun to support your fellow blogger. It feels more like a community of friendly neighbors, who all ban together for monthly trash clean ups, rather than a one man for himself kind of environment.

I am doing my nominations little different, big rule breaker here.. ha ha. I don’t have the time for proper format, but I did want to give a shout out to the two outstanding bloggers who nominated me. I also wanted to share a few other bloggers I enjoy, and hope you’ll check out their pages.

First up is the Versatile Award; Nominated by Jena Pendarvis

versatile award

Jena is a beautiful soul. She has this amazing creative outlook on life. Jena is always blowing me away with her stunning art work. Definitely a blog worth checking out!


Next award, Mystery Blogger Award. Nominated by, Bitchin in the Kitchen

mystery award

I love her because she writes from the heart. Her piece When Love Turns Ugly really hit me in the iced over black spot I refer to as my heart. She also has two cats that are beyond adorable.


Other Blogs I suggest checking out:

~Son of a Beach

~ Cee’s Photography

~ Historian Ruby

~ Tourmaline








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